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David and Tammy Mattingly






4 Park Ln, Buffalo Valley, TN 38548

A Bit About Us

We're from Florida. We love to camp and my husband, David, use to book us camping trips starting in February for every 4-6 weeks throughout the year. When he randomly said what do you think about buying a campground....I thought why not.

Indian Creek was the first one and we fell in love with the beauty of the blooming tree, blooming wildflowers, the birds, the butterflies, the surrounding water, etc... 

Our Background

David was and still is a Project Manager for a cabinet company in Florida and has been for over 25 years. The same cabinet company. 

I was a hairdresser for 25 years. 15 years at the same salon; I went to college while I did hair. After I received my degree, I became a realtor for 5 years until we bought this campground. 

    History on the Campground

The Campground Was built in the late 70's by the Army Core of Engineers. It stayed a USACE campground until they lost funding for it in the late 80's. It stayed vacant and grown up/over until about the year 2001-ish. Jean Harden received a grant to update the campground and get it running again. Leasing the land from the USACE she reopened the campground. 

She kept it for about 15 years or so until we bought the campground from her and applied for the lease/title to be in our name. January 2018, we took over the campground. We fell in love with the beauty of the wildlife and trees immediately. We fell in love with the people in Middle Tennessee soon after.  I truly love living here and have the job of my dreams, surrounded by the atmosphere of my dreams, surrounded by the type of people that's it's an honor to be around.


Thank You Middle Tennesse for being so great! We appreciate you,

Tammy and David Mattingly

Let's Get Social. Check us out on Facebook. Also, if you need a church while you're here I love my preacher and church! It's only 10 minutes up the road, and all are welcome.
1st. f is Indian Creek. 2nd f is link to Granville United Methodist Live on Facebook.
(we have the best preacher!) 

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We appreciate your business. Please be patience with us. We are a small privately owned campground that we take care of ourselves. We work outside a lot so you may have to leave us a message and we'll return your call when we have a chance. 

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