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Seasonal's Info Page

 Seasonal Camper's Reference Page

Seasonal Rules and Regulations:

This is a quick reference, all actions from seasonal's must be cleared by David.

for Rules 
and Regulations


We expect peace and happiness here at ICC. Don’t hold grudges, only forgiveness.

Show some Grace.

______If receiving a guest at your site, we allow immediate family that visits randomly for free….

** if there is a day you are having several guests, we charge $7 per car up to 6 people.

______If you are not here, and there is a guest staying in the site, there will be no extra charge, but ICC will need to be notified in advance that the guest is coming. The guest is responsible for your personal property and following the rules of Indian Creek Campground. 
Parents must accompany children under age 21 that are staying on their seasonal site.(No student groups or parties of any kind)

______Only 2 vehicles parked at your site at a time. The beach parking lot is available for guests or extra vehicles. 1 boat or 2 jet skis can be parked in the site if it can fit, otherwise must be parked at boat launch parking. Absolutely no parking on the grass, never ever. No 4wheelers or 3 wheelers

______Only 1 vehicle through the gate at a time. Please remind any friends or family visiting. 

______If you have a side by side or golf cart, only people with a valid drivers’ license can drive. 
…….No children driving any vehicle in the campground.  No Parking or driving on the Grass. Side by sides or golf carts need to follow same rules as a regular vehicle.

______Pets kept outside must be in a pin, on a runner or on a leash at all times! Do not leave your pet alone outside. Pets must have drinking water available too. And all pets must be up to date on rabies vaccinations at all times. 

______Our dumpster is provided for normal bagged garbage generated. If you buy something big or throw something old away that will take up a lot of space, take it to the dump on your way home.

_______Alcohol should be incognito everywhere in the park! If you leave your campsite with alcohol, it should be in a non-breakable cup or covered with a koozie (non-alcoholic advertisement koozie)


_______Absolutely no glass anywhere, anytime. Also please keep it incognito at your picnic tables if it can be seen at the road by children or people who shouldn’t be drinking.

_______Disturbing the peace will not be tolerated. Any issues should be handled like an adult and in private. You will be asked to leave with no refund for that remaining month plus a cancelation fee and a clean-up fee if you leave a mess or leave abruptly. 

_______Please be considerate to all the surrounding campers. Quiet time is 9:30pm Sunday through Friday and 10pm on Saturdays. 

______Any bikes ridden after dark should have proper lighting. A light that shoots forward so the people on the bike can see where they’re going, and what they’re riding on and over. 

______IF we have complaints more than 2 times in one season about you or one of your guests, you will be asked to leave with no refund for that month plus clean up fee if you leave a mess or leave abruptly.

_____Keep your site tidy and between the railroad ties. Only 2 gazebos allowed or 1 double keeping them within the railroad ties.   While you’re not here during the week use storage bins under your camper for storage.  All fired wood piles should be nice and neat and preapproved with David if it veers out of the railroad ties some. Sites are to look nice, neat, and organized. All decorations must be kept within 6 inches of railroad ties unless decorating for a holiday.

______For safety or maintenance reasons we reserve the right to remove trees or other objects on any campsite with little or no notice. If a tree or something needs our attention, please bring it to us immediately. 

**______Guest/annuals understands ICC owners and employees are not responsible for your person property. 

________**ICC Owners are not responsible during any “acts of God” and are not responsible to carry insurance coverage on tenants camping units, vehicles, or other personal property. 
**All our guests agree to carry his/her own liability/comprehensive insurance. 
Again, bring to our attention any trees, tree limbs or other concerns immediately so we can help with the issue asap.

_______This Campground is privately owned, the Guest accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she\they does by release ICC, its owners and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her\they person arising out of his/her\they’re use of its camping facilities and agrees to indemnify ICC, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person or any member of the family or visitors of the guest, arising out of the use of these camping facilities. 

_____Guest agrees to read and comply with all ICC rules and regulations. Ask for a copy if you need one or you can find them on our website at Under Seasonal Info tab.

_____The lot rent includes the following services: water, sewer disposal, garbage disposal at the dumpster, road maintenance to the site and all other park amenities. 

______ We want you to make the most of your stay here at ICC but not more than 20 days a month. No more than 20 days a month. As no one can live here.

_____Rules and regulations of ICC are subject to change without notice by owners; ICC reserves the right to inspect all sites. Any guest in violation of the rules and regulations will forfeit this agreement and all monies paid and will be required to leave ICC immediately.

_____Seasonal’s must Cancel before August or you must pay off your remaining balance for the season.  Cancellations from January – August has a cancellation fee of $350. 







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